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Document storage Stockport


Storage Time offers document and archive storage solutions at our self storage facility in Stockport. In today’s digital age, the majority of business operations are conducted electronically. However, despite the prevalence of digital systems, every business still grapples with the management of paperwork which requires proper organization and storage. With easy access self storage in Stockport, you can access your documents at any time.

Box storage is a service available for businesses who wish to archive their documentation in order to keep records.

The service is not restricted to only businesses but is perfect for those who do not wish to store a large amount of goods or wish to store their confidential personal files. We guarantee the cheapest storage in Manchester with our lowest price guarantee*.


Here's how our Box Storage service works:

Document storage Stockport

Return or Collection:

You have the option to either post the box back to us or, if you're local, we offer FREE COLLECTION services on designated day for your storage around Stockport and Greater Manc.

Accessing Your Box:

When you need to access your box, simply visit our site, and one of our staff members will retrieve your box and bring it to our viewing lounge for your convenience where you can benefit from free WiFi. Our site is designed for easy access storage in Stockport.

Box Delivery:

We send out a FREE STORAGE BOX directly to your address for storage in Stockport.

Delivery Service:

If you require your box to be delivered to a specific address, just let us know, and we'll arrange for prompt delivery for your storage around Stockport and Greater Manchester.

Storage Process:

Once received, we securely store your box in our specialized box storage warehouse in Stockport, Manches with your FIRST MONTH FREE. Each box is labeled with a unique number and reference code for easy identification. We recommend labeling your box for maximum efficiency.

Secure Disposal:

If you no longer need your stored documents, we offer secure removal and/or storage options in Stockport through shredding or recycling, ensuring your records are handled and disposed of safely to prevent any potential data leaks.

Our box storage warehouse located in Stockport is accessible only to authorized staff members and is equipped with CCTV monitoring with security guards patrolling for added security. Rest assured, your records are kept safe and sound throughout the storage process.


Maintaining organized and secure storage of records is crucial for businesses, as various types of documents must be retained by law for tax, audit, or legal purposes. Compliance with these regulations ensures that businesses can meet their obligations and avoid penalties or legal issues.

Furthermore, the importance of document storage extends beyond regulatory compliance. In the event that a claim is brought against your company, having well-organized and securely stored documents can serve as crucial evidence to protect your business interests.

Therefore, investing in efficient document storage solutions, such as self-storage units equipped with appropriate security measures, is essential for businesses to safeguard their interests, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect themselves against potential legal risks.

We have provided a table outlining recommended timescales for storing your documents. However, we advise you to conduct your own research on this matter, as the information provided serves only as a guideline. Each business or individual may have unique legal or regulatory requirements governing document retention periods. Therefore, it's essential to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations applicable to your specific circumstances. Should you have any questions or require further guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out out to our Stockport site for self storage in Manchester.


Employee Records


Immigration Checks – 2 Years

Annual Leave/Working Time Records – 3 Years

Maternity/Paternity Leave – 3 Years

National Insurance Returns – 3 Years

Wage/Salary Records – 6 years


Sick Pay Records – 3 Months

Unsuccessful Job Applicants – 6-12 Months

Redundancies – 6 Years

Personnel Files – 6 Years

Training Records – 6 Years

Pension Records – 12 Years

Accounting Files

Accounting/Tax Records (Private) – 3 Years

Account/Tax Records (Limited) – 6 Years

Expense Records – 6 Years

HMRC Letters

HMRC Correspondence – 3 Years

HMRC Approval Records - Permanently


All businesses have a legal responsibility to maintain records for a specified duration. Directors, particularly under GDPR regulations, are mandated to comprehend the required retention period, typically determined by the necessity of the records. This applies to both employee and business documents. Our service is tailored for storage in Stockport, Greater Manchester and Manchester City Centre.

Organising the storage of your documentation and understanding the appropriate retention period minimizes the risk of legal repercussions and ensures your business remains efficient in responding to inquiries or investigations.

Sole traders: Securely store your business records to meet HMRC requirements and maintain compliance.


If you are a sole trader (self-employed), HMRC requires you to keep your business records for at least 5 years after the 31 January submission deadline of the relevant tax year.


Limited companies are required by HMRC to retain records for 6 years from the end of the last financial year they pertain to.

Exceptions to the standard retention periods may occur if:

  • Records encompass transactions spanning multiple accounting periods.

  • The company has acquired assets expected to endure beyond 6 years.

  • Company Tax Return submission was delayed.

  • HMRC initiated a compliance check into the Company Tax Return.

Limited Companies: Comply with HMRC regulations by securely storing records for up to 6 years.


Here's a comparison between our Box Storage and Self-Storage options:


Traditionally, businesses store paperwork in folders housed within cabinets. However, over time, these cabinets tend to fill up, and available space becomes increasingly limited. As a result, folders may end up being haphazardly placed in any available space, leading to a cluttered and disorganized working environment. We cater for many businesses based in Stockport and Manchester for safe storage.

Document storage Stockport

The consequences of such disorganization are manifold. Files become difficult to locate when needed, leading to inefficiencies and delays in day-to-day operations. Moreover, the stress of navigating through cluttered workspaces can adversely impact employee morale and productivity.

To address these challenges, businesses can benefit from modern storage solutions such as self-storage units. By transferring excess paperwork and documents to a self-storage facility, businesses can reclaim valuable office space and create a more organised working environment. With our free collection, save yourself the costs of expensive storage units in Manchester City Centre. Self-storage units offer a secure and convenient solution for storing paperwork, ensuring easy access when needed while reducing clutter and stress in the workplace.


At Storage Time, we employ advanced security measures. These security features help deter unauthorized access and safeguard your documents from theft or vandalism. The presence of CCTV cameras ensures continuous surveillance of the premises, providing a visual record of any suspicious activities that may occur.

Document storage Stockport

In addition to CCTV monitoring and security patrol, self-storage units are equipped with intruder alarms that are triggered in the event of unauthorized entry or tampering with the storage unit. These alarms alert on-site security personnel or relevant authorities, ensuring a swift response to any security breaches.

Furthermore, we implement access control measures to regulate entry to our self storage facility in Stockport. This ensures that only authorized individuals, such as business owners or designated employees, can access the storage units, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or theft.

This enhances data security, mitigates the risk of data breaches or loss, and ensures compliance with privacy regulations, ultimately contributing to the overall security and integrity of the business operations.

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