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Many online retailers start their businesses from home, benefiting from low overhead costs. However, as their businesses grow, the accumulation of stock in the house can become overwhelming and stressful. Add and remove self-storage units based on your sales whenever you want and benefit from not only the cheapest self storage in Stockport but throughout Greater Manchester with our lowest price guarantee*.

Benefits of Self-Storage Units:

No High Rent

Avoid the expense of leasing commercial space by utilizing our cost-effective self-storage units.

No Goodwill

With self-storage, you don't need to pay for the intangible value associated with renting a retail storefront.

No Business Rates

Eliminate the burden of business rates typically associated with commercial properties.

No Utility Bills

Save on utility costs, as self-storage units do not require electricity, water, or other utilities.

No Council Tax

Unlike commercial properties, self-storage units are not subject to council tax, reducing your overall operating expenses.

Free Wifi

Access complimentary Wifi services within our facilities, allowing you to stay connected and productive while managing your stored items.

CCTV Monitoring

Our premises are equipped with advanced CCTV surveillance systems, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring and providing enhanced security for your belongings.

Security Guards On-Site

Trained security personnel are stationed on-site to provide an additional layer of protection and peace of mind, further safeguarding your stored items against potential threats.

At our storage facility, we provide a convenient and affordable solution for online retailers to store their inventory securely and efficiently, allowing you to focus on growing your business without the stress of cluttered living spaces or expensive commercial storage costs in Manchester.

Short Term Storage Manchester - Small retailers, including Etsy crafters, eBay sellers, and Amazon retailers, often produce their goods at home and face challenges with storing their inventory. Our self-storage facility in Stockport offers a solution, allowing you to store your products conveniently and access them at any time during opening hours before shipping them out to customers. 

Long Term Storage Manchester - For larger retailers with substantial inventory, our warehouse storage units provide ample space to accommodate your growing business needs. We offer units in Stockport, Denton and Manchester City Centre for a fraction of the price of other storage places and units in Manchester.

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