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Renting out your personal property through platforms like Airbnb can be a lucrative opportunity to generate additional income, especially for individuals going on holiday who wish to capitalise on their vacant space. We guarantee the cheapest self-storage in Manchester with our lowest price guarantee*.

Preparing your home for guests often involves removing personal belongings, which can be a daunting task. Many Airbnb hosts opt to invest in lockable cupboards or rooms to securely store their personal items while their property is rented out. Unfortunately, in smaller properties, this may not be feasible, leading hosts to seek alternative storage solutions.

AIRBNB STORAGE: Secure your personal belongings while renting out your property on Airbnb with Storage Time.

This is where self-storage sites come into play. By utilising our self-storage facilities in Manchester, Airbnb hosts can safely store their personal belongings off-site, providing peace of mind while accommodating guests. These storage units offer secure and accessible spaces to store items such as clothing, furniture, and valuables, allowing hosts to declutter their homes without sacrificing the safety of their belongings. Whether you require luggage storage or furniture storage in Manchester or whether it's for a short-term storage or a long-term storage, our self-storage site in Manchester offer a convenient solution for Airbnb hosts looking to maximise space and streamline their hosting operations. With the flexibility and security provided our self-storage, hosts can focus on providing exceptional experiences for their guests while enjoying the benefits of additional income.

Airbnb providers may choose to use self-storage sites for several reasons:


Maximizing Space

Airbnb hosts often have limited space in their homes or properties. By utilizing self-storage sites, they can free up valuable space to accommodate guests comfortably.


Seasonal Storage

Many Airbnb hosts offer accommodations in popular tourist destinations, where seasonal fluctuations in demand occur. During off-peak seasons, hosts may use self-storage sites to store excess furniture, décor, or seasonal items until they are needed again.



Maintaining a clutter-free and organized living space is essential for providing a positive experience for Airbnb guests. Hosts may use self-storage sites to store personal belongings, ensuring that their homes remain tidy and inviting for guests.



Self-storage sites offer flexible storage options, allowing Airbnb hosts to adjust their storage needs based on occupancy rates, guest preferences, and personal circumstances.



Self-storage facilities typically offer advanced security features, such as surveillance cameras, gated access, and individual locks for storage units. Hosts can store valuable items with confidence, knowing that they are secure and protected.


Scaling Business

As Airbnb hosts expand their business or manage multiple properties, the need for additional storage space may arise. Self-storage sites provide a scalable solution to accommodate growing inventory and equipment.

Overall, Airbnb providers use self-storage sites to streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and optimize their hosting businesses effectively.

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