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Storage Time offers short term and long term storage solutions in Stockport covering all of Manchester. We understand that you may require a storage unit for short term or long term needs based on a life event. Our staff on-site are trained to provide you with a stress-free and straight forward experience. We guarantee the cheapest self-storage in Stockport and Manchester with our lowest price guarantee*. 

BEREAVEMENT: Coping with loss requires time and space. Deciding what to do with belongings is a delicate process of honoring legacy and preserving memories.


Losing a loved one is a deeply emotional experience that requires time to process and cope with the grief. It's essential to allow yourself the necessary time and space to navigate through this difficult period.

When it comes to deciding what to do with your loved one's belongings, take your time and approach the task with patience and sensitivity. While a will may provide guidance on the distribution of certain items, it may not cover every personal belonging.

Carefully consider which items will be passed on to family members, donated to charity, discarded, or kept for sentimental reasons or future memories. This process of decision-making can be a meaningful way to honor your loved one's legacy while also respecting their wishes and preserving cherished memories.

Relationship Breakdown: Managing the aftermath of a breakup involves emotional and logistical challenges.


Divorce or separation from a partner can be an emotionally taxing and challenging experience, particularly when numerous factors come into play. Deciding to part ways is not easy, and it often entails significant adjustments. In such situations, the sale of your shared home may be necessary, or if one partner remains in the residence, the other may need to find alternative accommodation, which can be both costly and time-consuming.

Many individuals opt to temporarily store their personal belongings in self-storage units during this transitional period. Whether renting a small home or moving in with a family member or friend, space constraints may necessitate storing items elsewhere.

Rest assured, your belongings will be kept safe, dry, and clean in our storage units, ready for retrieval whenever you require them. This provides peace of mind during a time of uncertainty and allows you the flexibility to navigate your future plans at your own pace. We cover all of Stockport and Manchester with our Free van hire or free collection.

Retirement: Transitioning to retirement involves downsizing and organizing. Securely store belongings you wish to keep in a storage unit for future use.


Retirement is a major life event which you may have been eagerly excited for or absolutely dreading.

By having extra time on your hands, you may be spending more time at home than usual. Keep yourself busy by performing the tasks you previously did not have time for. Clearing out your loft or organising your home could be a good starting point. Possessions you wish to keep hold of but no longer need in your home, can be securely locked up our storage unit in Stockport.

As your children grow and move on with their lives, or if your current home no longer meets your needs, downsizing can be a practical choice. As you age, you might find that a smaller, more manageable home is preferable. You may wish to keep some furniture or belongings for your children or grandchildren who have yet to establish their own homes but would appreciate a helping hand with furnishings when they do.

At Storage Time, we simplify this process for you by providing collection from your home to our Stockport self-storage facility. We cover all of Manchester with our FREE VAN HIRE and FREE COLLECTION. You won't have to worry about lifting heavy items in and out of vehicles and storage units. We handle the logistics, allowing you to focus on the transition to your new living arrangement with ease and peace of mind.

Baby Crib


Welcoming a new baby into your life is a joyous and transformative experience that can reshape your home dynamics. While moving to a larger home may not always be feasible, expanding your family doesn't necessarily mandate upsizing your living space.

Creating a Nursery - Consider repurposing a spare room or an office into a nursery to accommodate your growing family. As you make room for your little one, you can securely store any excess furniture in our self-storage unit in Stockport. This ensures that your belongings are safely tucked away until you need them again, allowing you to create a cozy and functional nursery without the worry of overcrowding your home.

Saving For Future Children - Purchasing items for a new baby can indeed incur significant expenses. For those contemplating expanding their family further in the future, storing your first child's belongings can offer practical advantages down the road. Essential items such as prams, cots, and changing tables can occupy considerable space in your home. By safely storing these items away, you can free up valuable space for other purposes. Additionally, preserving these belongings potentially saves you money on future purchases when the time comes to welcome another addition to your family.

Sentimental Value - The first clothes and items purchased for a new baby often hold sentimental value for parents, representing cherished memories of their child's early days. To preserve these precious mementos, consider packing them into our box storage service.You can carefully store sentimental items in a single cardboard box, ensuring they remain safe and protected. Our viewing rooms in our Stockport storage facility offer a convenient space for you to revisit these memories and share them with your children as they grow older. By storing these sentimental belongings with us, you can hold onto these treasured moments for years to come, creating lasting memories for your family.



As your children embark on their journey to independence, whether through university, pursuing their careers, or starting a life with a partner, there comes a time when they spread their wings and leave the nest.


Sorting through your children's belongings left behind at home can be a reflective and practical task. Some items may hold sentimental value, while others may serve a practical purpose for you or your children to retain.

With a family member moving out, you have the opportunity to reclaim space within your home and repurpose it into a guest bedroom, home office, gym, or any other functional area to suit your needs.

Our self-storage units in Stockport offer the convenience of multiple family members accessing the unit, ensuring that everyone can retrieve their belongings whenever needed. This flexibility benefits you and your family members, providing easy access to stored items while maintaining a clutter-free and organized living space.

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